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                How to Get Into Columbia

                May 6, 2020

                Even though lots of people hope to attend Columbia University, it’s easier said than done. With an acceptance rate of only 5.1%, it’s consistently one of the top five most selective schools in the U.S. Students from all kinds of different backgrounds thrive there.

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                How to Get Into Princeton

                May 6, 2020

                You may have your eyes set on the number one ranked school in the country: Princeton University. But you’re obviously not the only one. With an acceptance rate of only 5.8%, Princeton denies tens of thousands of students every application cycle. So, the question is, how do you distinguish

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                2020 Test Optional Colleges: Changes in Light of COVID-19

                April 30, 2020

                On top of the social distancing protocols interrupting the administration of the March and May exam sessions earlier, we’ve recently learned that the College Board has canceled the June SAT. As the pandemic continues, many colleges have decided to step up and remove standardized test

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                AP Exams 2020: What the Remote Tests Will be Like

                April 29, 2020

                If you’re in high school and hoping to gain admission at a top college, you may be challenging yourself by registering for AP courses. Now, with the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, the AP schedule has been up in the air for a while. You were not sure where you’d take the exams

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                A Guide to The Best Colleges for Pre-Med Students

                April 24, 2020

                Whether you’ve known all your life that you want to be a doctor or it’s something you’ve realized more recently, you’re sure that medicine is the right path for you. Even though you might know that medical school has your attention, there’s an important step in the middle: undergrad.

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                Summer Plans During Coronavirus: How to Spend Your Break Strategically

                April 22, 2020

                As we get closer to the month of May, many prestigious summer programs have started to cancel on-campus and on-site operations. Some have offered online alternatives, some have allowed students to defer their acceptance to next summer, while others have directly refunded participants.

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                Online Opportunities During Coronavirus: How to Build Your Profile

                April 20, 2020

                We’re nearing the end of the first month of social distancing and hopefully you’re on track with your online classes. If you’re a prospective college applicant, it might be tempting to use all your

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                Activities During Coronavirus for Pre-Law Students

                April 17, 2020

                If you’re in the process of building your application for law school, the COVID-19 pandemic may not only have disrupted your LSAT plans, but it also could have put a stop to any extracurricular involvement that required you to leave your house or be outside. Even though

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                Coronavirus and Business School Admissions: Application Cycle Updates

                April 14, 2020

                We’re almost a month into life as we know it experiencing drastic changes due to the COVID-19 outbreak. With offices and firms going virtual, you’re working remotely while trying to figure out whether to apply to business school in the fall. Or, you’re a Round 3 candidate, who is

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                PSAT Prep: How to Understand and Approach Each Question

                April 13, 2020

                If you’re early in your high school career, the PSAT is a focal point right now. You may have seen students spending hours going over PSAT booklets and trying to figure out how to navigate the exam. Now, one of the biggest questions for the PSAT is, how important is the exam? Quite frankly, it has a moderate

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